5 Reasons You Should Make Your Website Responsive

With the immense growth in popularity of mobile devices, you might be disserving your business if your website isn’t responsive to these devices. However, mobile responsiveness should not be misunderstood as mobile-friendliness. Both of these phenomena are quite different from each other.

While a mobile-friendly website may load easily on a mobile device, but its functionalities may still be limited. On the other hand, a mobile responsive website allows easy navigation and easy access across all its features.

So, now that the clouds of doubt are clear, here are some reasons for you to opt for responsive optimization for your website.

1. Mobile Users Become Your Patrons

Since a majority of internet users are active on mobile devices, it is pretty logical to optimize your website for mobile responsiveness. Moreover, with a suitable design, you can tap into new markets and earn new customers.

2. Easier Maintenance Relieves Cost

While creating a separate website for mobile devices and desktops may seem like an option, it can cost you a lot of money, along with other resources, especially your time. However, optimizing a single website for both, mobile and desktop users can offer easier maintenance and reduce the cost.

3. It’s Good For SEO Purposes As Well

One of the most effective reasons for optimizing the responsiveness of your website is- it helps with SEO. A couple of years ago, Google put forth an update to its core algo- Mobile-First Indexing. The update rewarded websites that were mobile responsive with better rankings in SERPs. Simply put, making your website mobile-responsive helps your desktop website for better rankings in search results.

4. You Can Collaborate With Social Influencers

Since social media websites have preferably more users on mobile devices, you can extend your marketing strategies to tap into new markets. And for this purpose, you can collaborate with social media influencers. As these influencers can bring in referral traffic to your website, if your website isn’t mobile responsive, you may end up losing these new potential customers. 

5. All-In-All User Experience Improves

To sum it all up, whether you optimize your website for influencer marketing or content marketing, or to simply retain your existing customers if your website does not offer a good experience to the user, your business may take a plunge. Perhaps, mobile responsive websites can offer a better user experience, that helps with increased dwell time on your website, and ultimately, retaining a happy customer base.

So, what are you waiting for? Consult your website team now, and get it optimized for mobile responsiveness.

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