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Seo Optimization


If you want to search giants to show you in search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others.

There are two parts of SEO – SEO inner (On Site SEO) and external SEO (Off Site SEO).

Internal SEO being conducted technical Website Optimizer works on the site, so the search engine analyzes and understands the contents of the site.

The internal search engine optimization is important to select the site page titles. There is also a meta tags. Simple website visitors do not see them. They are designed to search engine spiders and help them to identify the contents of the site. Meta tags are divided into meta description and meta keywords. Meta tags are added to the site displaying the HTML code. Most modern content management systems allows to do it easily and painlessly using the administrator control panel, but if your website is free content management system, or if the content management system still does not have this function call or write to us. We will help to you and your web page to grow up.


seo optimization